It’s Time for the Canadian Seal Hunt to End


by Anonymous
As February winds down and we look forward to spring, a grim reality disguised as “tradition” comes forth. The annual slaughter of baby harp seals begins as soon as the pups start shedding their white coats and ice conditions permit. A white, pristine nursery where hundreds of thousands of seal mothers nurse their young becomes a horrifying, bloody killing field.

Revival of ARAUNY’s Website!

Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate, N.Y. is pleased to announce the revival of our website,, with many new changes, featuring: A Blog (new) with essays from a few select ARAUNY members. Look for new blog-posts every few days. Resources including links ~ our…

Elephants Wish They Could Forget

Some of the vigilers at the Ringling Circus opening night

by George Payne of Gandhi Earth Keepers International [The opinions expressed in these essays do not necessarily reflect the position of ARAUNY.] Along with a dozen other local animal rights advocates from Upstate New York, I recently participated in a…