Education Endangers Animals


by George Payne, founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International

The less humans know about animals the better off animals will be. From the earliest ages children should be taught to simply leave animals alone. If they are curious about them that is wonderful. This curiosity is natural and appropriate. But there is no reason why this state of wonderment must develop into knowledge and understanding…

Black Leather Jacket

Photo by Jeff Vanuga, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

by Linda Brink

Recently, a long-time friendship of mine came to an end, allegedly over the issue of a black leather jacket, but actually over the remarkable human capacity for steadfast denial.

Animals in Art

McLovin' - © T Kolberg

by Tinako, artist
My single favorite effect of veganism is the universal compassion it has unleashed in me. I think that as long as I was using animals at all, I needed to tell myself stories about them. I feel as though I’ve now been freed from a cynicism about animals that was necessary for me to be able to eat them, a justifying or excusing for eating them that I didn’t know was there, and which was untrue and unfair. I’d like to explain how I believe this impacts my art…

Finding the solid ground

solid ground

by John Carbonaro

Questions frequently arise, particularly with new vegans, as they transition to a new way of being. The animals, either whole or in product form that were once part of the “fabric” of our lives are now viewed differently. The continued separation of our minds and behaviors from the thick layers of experiences, upbringing, and societal conventions requires the kind of mindfulness that cares for the ego while showing its defensive maneuvers to the door…


(cc) R. Patton

by Tinako

“If your mind is torn by two conflicting desires, the contradiction will destroy your mind’s unity and tranquility. Just remember, when you should grab something, grab it. When you should let it go, let it go.” – Zen Speaks

Response to Rabbi Marc Gellman of “The God Squad”

by JanineS

Rabbi Gellman’s syndicated column appears in the Saturday edition of the Buffalo News. In the March 20th column a question was posed:

“I think it’s time to encourage Christians and Jews to be vegetarians. The Fifth Commandment says, “Thou shalt not kill.” If God meant only people, He would have said so. What part of “Not Kill” don’t people understand?” – C. Cyberspace (Buffalo News)