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by Tinako

“If your mind is torn by two conflicting desires, the contradiction will destroy your mind’s unity and tranquility. Just remember, when you should grab something, grab it. When you should let it go, let it go.” – Zen Speaks

Response to Rabbi Marc Gellman of “The God Squad”

by JanineS

Rabbi Gellman’s syndicated column appears in the Saturday edition of the Buffalo News. In the March 20th column a question was posed:

“I think it’s time to encourage Christians and Jews to be vegetarians. The Fifth Commandment says, “Thou shalt not kill.” If God meant only people, He would have said so. What part of “Not Kill” don’t people understand?” – C. Cyberspace (Buffalo News)

Vegan: Who, What, Why, Where, When

Harold Brown and friend

by Harold Brown

The five W’s are the basic of journalism and education. Hopefully this essay will provide enough information that the reader can be better informed and moved to seek out more information on veganism.

Speciesism and the Violence of Euphemisms

by George Payne, founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International

Our species clings to the concept of Human because it provides an easy, relaxing and affordable sensation of superiority over other sentient
beings. The schism between human and animal (we share 98% genetic
similarity with chimpanzees) however, is not only artificial but


rat hdwallpaperscool-com

by Linda Brink

I have great respect for the intelligence of rats. As with most animal/human conflicts, understanding the animal with our supposedly superior intelligence is key to compassionate resolution of the troubling issues. That, and patience. Here are the three key survival necessities for rats people need to understand when attempting to move them out:

What is Speciesism?

Farm Sanctuary Cow Pastel

by Tinako – Expanding Circle Blogger
I’ve been looking for some time for a concise written explanation of speciesism, without success. I wanted something to hand out at Human Rights Day last December, so I wrote the following, which fits on a small flyer. I’d love to hear whether it makes logical sense to you…